KP Illest is Straight Up

By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING rapper KP Illest has done it again releasing a banger titled ‘Straight Up’ featuring hip hop artist Skrypt this past weekend.

In an interview following the release of his music video Illest expressed gratitude towards the positive response on the song saying that the reception has been “magnificent”.

Illest originally teased the track at the beginning of August when he posted a snippet of the song on Instagram.

“It is not really a single but a song from an upcoming mixtape that will be released this Friday” he said.

On the inspiration behind the song, Illest described how the record talks about everything going well in his life.

“It is a song meant to say everything is okay from this point on. In the chorus I mentioned all the things that are going right and have changed, one of the things I said was ‘me and my ex made up,’ so everything is going straight up well to the top no going downwards,” he added.

He also said the upcoming mixtape is a dedication to the current time where people are going through the negative impact of Covid-19.

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Asked on how the lyrical content of the song was created, Illest recalled how the ‘bars automatically started flowing with the beat’ during a recording session.

“It was just me and Skrypt in studio dropping bars at a time when hip hop is kind of dwindling, we just decided to rap and so far it was well received. With rap not being the most popular genre in Namibia the responses are great, no negative response yet. I really appreciate the support,” he explained.

‘Straight Up’ was produced by London-based producer Luke T while the music video was shot by Reggi Films.

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“Shout to Shey, he is a very good person, always willing to help.

He assisted us in making the video a success.”

The stars were dressed and styled by Shawa Fashions.