KP Illest on his ‘Jealousy’ music video

Rosalia David

AWARD winning Hip Hop artist KP Illest has denied rumours of romance with famous model and showbiz personality Maria Nepembe, saying they are nothing but “good friends”.

KP Illest has just released a brand new music video starring Nepembe, which she also directed, titled ‘Jealousy’, which fueled speculation that the two are dating.

Speaking to Confidente this week about the ‘Jealousy’ music video and the message behind the song, KP Illest said, “The song is about moving on and not allowing jealousy to get to you. It was not a rap beat when I first heard it and I liked it and I knew if I jump on it people are going to be funny because it is not a rap song, so I was like: why not respond to those people?”

He says creatives will always face criticism, regardless of their status in the industry and that some folks will always be jealous.

About being in a romantic relationship with Maria Nepembe the young rapper said, “Nah, she is my best friend.

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We are really just good friends. I don’t know too much about any rumour, I haven’t even heard anything yet, this is news to me.”

Despite the two being quite cozy in the music video, KP Illest went on to shed light on how they ended up working together. He said, he had always wanted to work with Nepembe as she had deeply impressed him with the work she did before.

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“When she came back from the United Kingdom, I had seen her work, so of course I wanted to work with her and knew that we’re going to do dope work together, so finally we decided, ‘Let’s do this.’”

The music video starts off with a scene where KP Illest puts on his shoes and walks out of the bedroom singing ‘No matter what they say they cannot block my blessings’. He finds Nepembe reading a newspaper in the kitchen and gives her a goodbye kiss.

Towards the end of the video, he sneaks back into bed cuddling with Nepembe after a long night of clubbing and groupies chasing him around, giving us that ‘at the end of the day I always go back home’ kind of vibe and they pulled it off very well.