Leaders of the new school

By Rosalia David

IT has become more urgent than ever for artists in Namibia to take charge of their own creativity and this is beautifully demonstrated by Remember the Eagle records (RTE) through their eight-track upcoming EP titled ‘Daardraai die dinge’ which loosely translates to ‘Things are changing for the better’.

RTE is a music label comprising of self-driven artists Stanzo, Charmy, Chester House Prince, Mega Slaughterhouse, Tumi, DJ Spuzza and Shana.

Launched in August this year, the label is now ready to deliver its first masterpiece consisting of the new popular sound, Amapiano.

During a listening session that took place at their beautiful recording studio situated in Ausspannplatz this week, the ‘Soek soek’ hitmaker DJ Spuzza expressed excitement towards the EP saying that their project means that ‘it is the beginning of a new era.’

“It is the beginning of a new era. We are going with the CEO’s vision which is to go international and build that bridge between Namibia and international.

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It is indeed a privilege for us to be the chosen ones. We are the leaders of the new school as cocky as it might sound,” he said.

The EP comprises of songs such as Maak los, Get down, Askies, Ilapopepi, Respek, Very nice, Hoekom maak jy so and Soek soek that features South African musician AKA.

Asked on about how the group feels about being one of the few Namibian musicians to secure an international feature, DJ Spuzza said, “It is going to do justice soon, as he (AKA) said in one of his interviews, the feature was not just for us but for the Namibian industry as a whole.

He added that Soek soek has made it possible for artists outside the country to look through Namibia’s creative industry and see what they have to offer.

Pressed on how the group plans to stick together Mega Slaughterhouse said looking at the bigger picture is what will continue to drive them forward.

“Whatever altercations we are going to have or feuds; we will always remember that, however big you think you are at this point it is not going to make sense in the next year or next few months. The focus should always remain on the music and the music is for the people.

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He went on to say that, before they were signed under RTE records, the different artists had been working together for years already.

He added, “So many things could have broken us that time, feuds will always be there.

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The secret is, to go home, sleep and the next day we get things done.

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The label chose us to lead this type of genre and carry the Namibian music industry forward. The music is bigger than us.”