Letshego committed to financial inclusion and responsible lending: Winkler

• By Confidente Reporter

LETSHEGO Bank Namibia’s Head of Marketing and Products, Natasha Winkler, says the bank is driven by an unwavering commitment to promoting financial inclusion and responsible lending practices.

According to Winkler, this drive is intertwined with continuous innovation and redefining offerings, which makes the bank stand out.

She made these remarks at the launch of Letshego Bank Namibia’s Personal Loan Solution, available to all qualifying Namibian residents, breaking the exclusivity formerly held for government personnel.

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“Letshego Bank’s commitment to financial inclusion and responsible lending remains steadfast as we embark on this exciting adventure of expanding our banking solutions to a broader part of the market. In addition to lending offerings, we have offered low-cost bank accounts and cheap savings solutions. We are excited about the good impact our solutions will have on Namibians’ lives, allowing them to take chances, achieve their financial goals, and create a better future for themselves and their family,” she said.

Winkler said ethical lending is at the heart of the bank’s dedication to financial inclusion.

“At Letshego Bank Namibia, our unwavering commitment to promoting financial inclusion and responsible lending practices drives us to innovate and redefine our offerings continuously. This Loan solution is intended to meet our communities’ different financial needs.

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Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to start or expand your business, an urban or rural homeowner looking to improve your living environment, a forward-thinking farmer considering livestock investments, or an individual pursuing higher education, our Loan solution is here to empower you on your journey toward wealth and financial stability,” she said.

She said the bank is committed to responsible lending and continues to offer low-cost bank accounts and cheap saving solutions.