Letshego joins hand with MTC to fight homelessness

By Confidente Reporter

Letshego Namibia Holdings Ltd (“Letshego Namibia”) has joined hands with MTC to help combat homelessness through its Knock Out Project.

Letshego Namibia’s Chief Executive, Ester Kali in her introductory remarks noted, “I would like to start off by stating statistics that will allow us to realize that homelessness is and remains a crisis in Namibia and many other parts of the world. According to a study conducted in 2018 of the housing crises in Namibia by the Integrated Land Management Institute (ILMI), The Shack Dwellers Federation estimates that more than 500,000 Namibians and around 30 percent of Windhoek’s population live in makeshift shacks in informal settlements,” she alarmed.

She further noted the involvement of Letshego in various initiatives beyond such projects.

“May I add that this is not the only initiative that we are supporting in isolation but to date we have improved many lives with over a million Namibian dollars invested per annum, spreading out to over 20,000 lives to date.

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We further extend our support to our own people in our local communities by making life easier through our services that we provide. We believe that to improve lives, we all need to join in and work together for the betterment of our people,” she added.

As revealed through the media over the past couple of months, corporates have been invited to sponsor a category of their choice. The selected personality chosen by Letshego Namibia was none other than Twapewa Kadhikwa, who had her fair share of hardships in life. Speaking at the occasion, Kadhikwa allowed truth and honesty to set the tone of her journey thus far.

“I had time to hear the story of this very young and exceptional lady Beatha Iileka and when I heard her trials and tribulations it took me back to when I started in business and even before then, as a young teenager myself.

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I love where I come from, despite the environment that I grew up in which was not the most-fanciest but it strengthened my character to one day want to own my space and provide so much more for my family,” she stated.

Letshego Namibia decided to select the category which will perform the music of artist Jaliza because of resonating factors.

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“Why did we come on board when this invitation was extended? It’s simple, our name Letshego in Setswana means “support”.

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When this invitation was reviewed it shared many similar criteria that we as Letshego stand for and use. With various personalities that we could choose from, there was no better fit to our brand and the cause, than an inspirational independent woman, Twapewa Kadhikwa who shared her fair story on what it took to be where she is today. Nothing is given on a silver platter and her self-entitled book allows many of us to get a glimpse of the tears shed to build her empire,” Kali added.

With many similarities of trials and tribulations that Kadhikwa had to face, sentiments were re-iterated by a young and brave lady, Beatha Iileka.

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“When I heard about this initiative my heart leaped with joy because I know what it means to not have a suitable and decent house. My studies have always been affected along the way. When it is summer and extremely hot, I cannot really study during the day because of the heat.
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When it is winter and extremely cold, I cannot really maximize my study capabilities. The environment where I live in adds to much frustration amongst our community members. I’ve seen in my neighborhood that they tend to become violent and this results in increasing crime around the informal settlement,” she testified.

She remains hopeful that her future will be much brighter with a safe home to be provided for her family once she has accomplished much of what she sets her mind to. “Growing up in a single parent headed household it has always been a challenge I had to endure hardships with four siblings, cousins and my cousin’s baby. We are 11 in our home. Everything was placed onto my mother and she had to do everything when I was still growing older. This became a burden I had to see her carry on her own.

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When I see this project of aiming to house the homeless, there are a lot of families that are large in numbers that need to sleep under one zinc plate,” Iileka concluded.