Letshego Namibia Holdings offers relief to customers and communities

Letshego Namibia Holdings Ltd (“Letshego Namibia”), Namibia’s largest micro lender and a subsidiary of the 11 market strong Letshego Group, is taking proactive steps to support its customers through these emerging economic challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Letshego Namibia is offering customers the opportunity to apply for relief by way of a 3 month payment holiday, effective from 1 April 2020. 

Letshego’s Namibian Customers can apply for payment relief by sending an sms to 5626 with the word relief, followed by the name of their town. Relief will be considered on a case by case basis subject to normal terms and conditions and only if their salaried income was in anyway affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Letshego Namibia’s Chief Executive, Ester Kali affirmed, “Thanks to the proactive action of our national health authorities and government, supported by fellow members of the private sector, Letshego Namibia acknowledges that these trying times call for financial institutions to be responsive to the prevailing and unfolding socio economic environment. It is for that reason that Letshego Namibia will consider each application for relief on an individual basis, to assist our customers to manage their repayments through this challenging period.”

Letshego’s Namibian customers can apply for payment relief by sending an sms to 5626 with the word relief, followed by the name of their town. Letshego Group has committed more than N$4million (BWP3million) in direct financial support to regional government relief funds and non-profit organisations across its 11 market footprint in sub Saharan Africa. 

Within this total regional contribution, Letshego Namibia is donating N$1.1 million towards the COVID19 pandemic. Letshego Namibia recognises the value of collaborative and collective action in the fight against Covid-19.

Kali reiterated, “All Namibians, all companies and institutions – from both the public and private sectors – need to rally together to support national efforts in preventing the spread of the virus, caring for those infected with the virus, as well as sustaining local economic activity.”

In line with social distancing practices and prioritising the health and wellbeing of both our staff and customers, a minimum of half of Letshego Namibia’s staff will be operating from home, while maintaining business continuity and service delivery for customers via safe and secure digital platforms. Since 27 March 2020 Letshego Namibia employees have supported customers through alternate channels including sms’s, whatsapp, emails, conference calls and video conferencing.

“Four of Letshego’s retail branches, namely Windhoek Katutura, Rundu and Swakopmund remain open to assist customers in need. However, customers are urged to take all national health measures and guidance into consideration, and use alternative channels wherever possible,” added Kali.

Letshego continues to partner with local government and health authorities to advocate official health guidelines, as well as align with international health advice from organisations such as the World Health Organisation (www.who.int) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.org). Letshego employees and customers have access to the latest facts and health information in an effort to collaborate in combatting the Coronavirus across Letshego’s footprint markets.