Liberation movements affect post-independence lives

LPM leader Bernardus Swartbooi said the liberation movement made compromises that negatively affected people’s living standards post-colonial.

Swartbooi made these remarks while addressing Saturday’s party’s convection in Windhoek.

He said that due to the funds the liberation movement received from the West and East countries during the liberation struggle, liberation movements compromised to please their funders.

“Liberation movements made compromises dangerous to our living today. The funders have forced them to retreat from the basic notion of restoring the dignity of our people.

“As a continent and as a region where political term work will confront us on this matter that is happening in South African political sphere, I have engaged colleagues from the other party, but I know the analysis of some of these political parties when we speak to them about the bigger picture, they may say we become weak and trying to negotiate for a seat, but we know what we are doing,” he said.

Swartbooi further said that because some political leaders want to be in favour of the West, they will cause problems for the country.

He said much is needed in Africa to avoid aligning ourselves with any forces worldwide.

“We must always keep in touch with the geo-political forces that are influencing our national and continental direction,” Swartbooi said.

Swartbooi also added that the liberation movement was in control of funders and made those movements compromise on keen issues that were not in the interest of their funders.

He believes this was done because leaders were eager to attain political independence, not knowing that the compromises would affect the nation post-independence.