Likoro kindergarten needs community assistance

• By Staff Reporter

Innocentia likoro Kindergarten is an initiative by the community of Makuvi village situated in Ndiyona Constituency, Kavango East region, 140 km east of Rundu.

After Rob Youth Foundation received a call from the kindergarten’s teacher Eusebius Kudumo, it dispatched its regional operational manager Frans Ndumba for a visit and to familiarise with the situation at the kindergarten.

The kindergarten was established on in February and currently has 13 boys and 11 girls.

“The initial idea started after Mukuvi community members held a meeting in November 2020, where they raised an issue of setting up a kindergarten as most of their children did not have early child education in their village.

“We did not get any support from any organisation, company or from members of the public out there. All we need is zinc in order to erect at least a corrugated iron structure because the current structure is not of good conducive for the children. The children are really suffering during rainy season and during winter season when it is very cold. We also want to put up a fence so that we can fence off the yard and to start a feeding programme for the kids as this will really help the children to come to school,” said Kudumo.

Ndumba said is now appealing to the public in the surrounding areas or anyone to assist the kindergarten in order for kids to access the same education as other Namibian children as stipulated in the constitution.

“These are our future leaders. Let us try to assist them in order for them to realise their potential.  For those that want to assist the kindergarten you are welcome to reach us on our +264813107737 or +264814394633, alternatively you can reach teacher Mr. Kudumo direct on: +264817042395. As a foundation we would like to facilitate and assist the kindergarten as much as we can. We will do the best we can on our side,” he said.