Limiting education infringes sacred Human rights: Dausab

By Allexer Namundjembo

Justice Minister Yvone Dausab said that limiting individuals’ educational pursuits will infringe on several sacred human rights.

Dausab said this while addressing the issue of LLB graduates, who are many and filling the streets as they are not employed, a concern raised by Popular Democratic Movement’s parliamentarian Maximilliant Katjimune.

In this question to Dausab, Katjimune said that in the last five academic years, at the school of law at the UNAM, 200 law graduates have graduated, meaning around 1000 students have graduated with LLB degrees. This number excludes those graduating from other institutions inside and outside Namibia.

“Can the justice market sustain the number of graduates that enter the legal profession every year?” Katjumine asked. Katjimune also asked the justice ministry to intervene and find amicable solutions for the unemployed law graduates. Dausab said that calls to UNAM to temporally pause its LLB program to allow the market to absorb the current pool of unemployed graduates is against the right to education.

“The suggestion might appear practical, but that is against right to education. I passionately believe it should not even be a topic of discussion because limiting individuals in their education pursuits is not a viable solution as it will result in the infringement of a number of sacred human rights,” Dausab said.

Dausab added that the director of civil litigation continues to absorb many LLB graduates, attaching them as candidate legal practitioners enrolled with the Justice Training Center to provide more practical courses to LLB graduates to equip them for the employment market better.

“The ministry will continuously explore avenues to address the plight of unemployed graduates. The ministry recently announced that graduates should submit their CVs for internship placements at various courts,” she added.