Local is lekker with 6mo9 sportswear

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN sportswear brand 6mo9 has taken the market by storm with its latest winter wear and trending sports products with a touch of class.
The sports brand a brainchild of former Namibian football great Alfred Ndyenge has gained popularity among local sportswear enthusiasts.

Ndyenge who is one of Namibia’s yesteryear soccer greats had a glamorous career spanning over six countries and also played in England at the peak of his game said he believes there is a need to strategically position Namibian brands in prime space.
“My main target is to continue producing bulk quality sportswear that competes with all the other international brands and I believe 6mo9 is quality enough to get shelf space among other much sought after designer labels,” he said.
Ndyenge added that 6mo9 has managed to penetrate the local market through authentic tailor-made products for sports teams, corporates and individuals with a taste of designer products.

They also cater for a variety of age groups from toddlers to teenagers; the young and young at heart.
“We are truly a Namibian brand that aims to satisfy a vacant market space through offering original designer wear that can compete with the best available,” he said.

In the true sense of Local is Lekker, Ndyenge better known in the sporting world as Alfie, said he is keen to give the market a brand Namibians can relate to.
He emphasised that while competition is rife the answer is in offering a competitive brand with the ability to fend off competition and to attract consumers in the same wavelength with international brands.
Asked on where he sees the brand in the next five years, he added that his vision remains huge and that he hopes to inspire while penetrating the international market.
Touching base on the negative impact of the pandemic on business, Ndyenge emphasises the need for industry peers to hold hands and unite.
“This is the time we should unite and assist each other in any way we can because we need one another more than ever.

We are all going through something we never expected to keep us grounded,” he said.