Local kwaito trailblazers collaborate

By Rosalia David

KWAITO artists Samuel Ngodji popularly known as Qonja and David Shikalepo (Exit) are working on an album titled ‘Die hele box’ which will be released as a ‘surprise’ to the public.

In an interview with Confidente,  the album’s marketing agent Abed Jona from On Fleek Media revealed the inspiration behind two industry gurus coming together to release a duo album.

He said the album came after he suggested on Twitter that the two should work on a project together and Exit responded to his tweet.

“After I tweeted that, Exit retweeted saying that if I get 100 tweets it could be done. When I got the 100 tweets, they immediately started working and got in the studio,” said Jona.

He added that the album also demonstrates unity amongst Namibian musicians. “Two are better than one. Imagine two big artists with different fan bases working together on a duo project, this means that the fans will double and the sales will increase.”

Asked on when exactly the album will be released, he said they are using a marketing strategy of keeping music lovers in suspense and only drop the album when they least expect it.

“We don’t want to give a date or a month because we want to surprise everyone. Giving a date is tricky,” he stated.

On what is unique about the upcoming duo album, Jona said the project consists of a mature and different sound that many have not heard of yet.

“With DJ Kboz being the executive producer, this album is going to be the bomb because he has taken them out of their comfort zones and introduced them to a different type of sound compared to what they are used to.”

According to Jona, tentatively the album will consist of 14 tracks although the number might change as the team still has to finalise on the amount of songs to keep on the project.

He also mentioned that there are only two musicians featured on the much anticipated album, Manxebe and Low Wabbi.

“What they (Qonja and Exit) are trying to do is have a project with only their vocals on but they had to include the two talented musicians as well,” he added.

Other producers that have added a touch on the album are Kamtonyo, Mr Solani Glo, Willy G, Chris Wayne, Timo Kevin and Andrew on the Beat.

Although the date of the album release could not be revealed, Jona said fans can expect a fusion of different genres on the album with a bit of poetry.