Local nurse starts organisation to fight GBV

By Michael Uugwanga 

A local registered nurse, Josefine Anjolo has set a good example to others with her non-profit organisation called Namibian Young Girls’ Network; with the aim to fight Gender-Based Violence (GBV) related issues. 
Anjolo started Namibian Young Girls’ Network in October 2018 but only registered the organisation in April last year and today it has attracted about 79 young girls countrywide.  
Namibian Young Girls’ Network although based in Windhoek, has already reached nine schools to date in the Omusati region. 
The organisation is also accredited by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, of which it targets girls from grade 1 to 12. 
Early this year, the organisation had lots of plans in place to tour areas across the country, but due to Covid-19 the organisation is still actively involved in disseminating information via its WhatsApp page while waiting for the situation to normalise before it goes into other regions.   
“This club (organisation) is mainly created to inspire and empower young Namibian girls more especially the ones that are coming from the least advantaged communities. We are looking at connecting these young girls with positive female role models. Our vision is to provide a network that is dedicated to meet young women’s needs and unique experiences with the aim of working together to eliminate violence against women and girls.  
“Well due to Covid-19 we could not meet up and gather physically but we do have a WhatsApp platform where we meet three times a week to discuss issues that young girls experiences on a daily base and that happen to be a challenges in their lives,” said Anjolo. 
She also sees this programme as an opportunity for lots of girls to pursue a career in nursing. 
“We have about 79 girls on this group. The organisation itself is aiming to connect the current and future of a young generation through sexual education and the presentation of school health programmes. Apart from that, the organisation inspires the young women towards the nursing profession,” said Anjolo.