Local talent strengthens local culture

MULTICHOICE Africa is the biggest investor in local content on the continent and has played a significant role in bringing the TV production industry to life across Africa. Through our channels, MultiChoice has made extensive investments in the development of original African programming showcasing the best African content across the continent. 

Recently, local acclaimed filmmaker, Tim Huebschle’s documentary set in Namibia, ‘Hafeni: The Man from Mondesa’, was aired on DSTV. It was produced for CGTN Africa Fireworx Media as part of the Faces of Africa series. It documents the story of Heinrich Hafeni, a man who found his unique niche in Namibia’s coastal tourism sector. His cultural tours introduce visitors from all over the world to life in the township of Mondesa, the heartbeat of Swakopmund, as Hafeni refers to the community.

Broadcasting a Namibian documentary on DStv gives fantastic exposure to millions of viewers and truly supports local talent in getting their stories to the audience they deserve. Being able to showcase African and Namibian stories and share African music and culture through a mass medium like television, especially satellite television that is beamed across this great continent, means instant access to millions of people.

It truly enriches the lives of the audience as they watch stories unfold that are told by people that they identify with. Sometimes it will even mean being able to see friends or family showcase their talents in acclaimed and well-produced offerings.

Talented Namibian rapper KP Illest has just been cast in DStv’s pan-African festive season campaign. The rapper steadily built a dedicated following in the Land of the Brave, however, this new advertising campaign will introduce him to close to 12 million Sub-Saharan Africans as well.

The rapper launched the campaign through his social media channels and the reactions have been instantaneous. KP Illest was immediately asked to lay down some tracks with a famous Kenyan artist and his social media accounts like Instagram (Faith & Favour – @kpillest) have exploded.

He said: “This experience was fantastic and shows me what the future is like for us local artists to collaborate. Namibians with Kenyans, Nigerians with Zambians and a million other combinations which will strengthen local content and local culture to a truly pan-African audience through satellite TV and make us and our creations a force to be reckoned with!”

Another good example is Nadula Hainane who plays Hileni on Namibia’s own soapie ‘The 3 rd Will’ and is a skilled actress, performer and writer. With ‘The 3 rd Will’ airing on DStv’s Zambezi Magic, many people can follow the lives of the Kamati family and see what Namibian life is about. It showcases true local representation.

Miss Hainane, when asked about what it means to have local productions showcased, said: “It’s hard in this industry because sometimes you spend months without payment or so and I would really like to make this a full-time job. If talented actors and creatives can work for proper payment we all can achieve our goals, and work on our dreams without hesitation. Being one of the main casts in the television production ‘The 3rd Will’ has taught me a lot and opened doors for me. I’m grateful, and I enjoy being in front of cameras doing my thing. It’s great that a company like MultiChoice stimulates and supports us like this.”

“All across the continent where we operate, local talent is stimulated through its MultiChoice Talent Factory. In Namibia, the most recent graduates of the MTF shared experiences with other film and television creatives within the SADC region honing their crafts as writers, actors, producers and directors, so that in future more content can and will be created in Namibia and across the continent.

“We are committed and determined to ensure that the pipeline for local content remains filled and continues to grow whilst offering a real platform to broadcast the documentaries, movies, series and showcase the artists, says MultiChoice Namibia’s managing director, Roger Gertze.