Lodge construction on Spitzkoppe Heritage site angers community

By Michael Uugwanga

THE community of Spitzkoppe settlement in Erongo region’s Daures constituency has raised concern over the ongoing construction of a camp lodge on the Spitzkoppe Heritage site.

The community said that constructing the tented camp lodge directly and indirectly harms the community, animals, and the tourism industry.

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This was said by the community’s social activist Abraham !

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Noabeb, who said the !Oe#gan Traditional Authority and the #Aingu Conservancy were not included in the decision-making, leading to the lodge being constructed on the heritage site.

The site falls under the !Oe#gan Traditional Authority, and also part of the #Aingu Conservancy.

The settlement has around 700 people, who make a living from tourism activities and facilities in and around the Spitzkoppe Mountains, whilst others live from communal agricultural activities, like farming.

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“What we want to know is who authorised the construction of an electric fence around the area, how much it cost, and why it was built. The traditional authority’s position in the matter was ignored.

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