Logos Hope vessel returns to Walvis Bay

The Logos Hope vessel, renowned for being the world’s most giant floating book fair, will return to Walvis Bay again since its last docking in 2016. The ship will open to the public at the Port of Walvis Bay from 5 July until 21 July.

Logos Hope has been a beacon of enlightenment, bringing with it a wealth of educational resources, cultural exchanges, and the message of hope to millions across the globe.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Swakopmund, the Regional Governor of Erongo, Neville André-Itope, welcomed the crew, emphasising Logos Hope’s significance to the region’s residents.

“It is with immense pleasure and great excitement that we welcome back the Logos Hope vessel to the vibrant Port of Walvis Bay here in the beautiful Erongo Region. The return of Logos Hope is not just an event. It is a celebration of knowledge, culture, the spirit of global unity through voluntarism. The ship’s visit to our shores symbolises a unique opportunity for our communities engage with an array of literature, to embrace different cultures and foster learning and understanding,” he said.

Logos Hope’s onboard book fair offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 book titles at affordable prices.

They cover various subjects, including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, languages, and faith.

With children’s titles, academic texts, dictionaries, atlases and more, the whole family can enjoy the book fair.

The visitor experience deck, open to the public, beckons exploration. From the welcome area, offering an introduction to the vessel through a short movie and interactive displays, to the international café, where delightful treats like ice cream, drinks, and snacks are available for purchase, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Regional Governor thanked the Logos Hope crew for their dedication.

“We are particularly grateful for the invaluable contributions of your diverse team from numerous countries who selflessly volunteer their time and skills to ensure that every port of call becomes a centre of inspiration and transformation.

“Your efforts are deeply appreciated and your impact in our communities will be long lasting. The timing of this visit is especially significant as we continue to navigate the challenges pose by global uncertainties,” he said.

André-Itope encouraged all the residents of the Erongo Region to visit the ship and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by Logos Hope.

“Explore the vast collection of books, engage in meaningful conversation with the international crew and participate in various programmes and event to be hosted during the ships stay. I would therefore like to call on our private sector to visit the vessel and to buy literature books for our community and school libraries and donate it through the Governor’s office, so that we can complement our government’s efforts to promote a reading culture in Namibia,” André-Itope said.

The Logos Hope project is a testament to resilience, hope and the power of collective action. It reminds us that even in times of difficulties, there is always room for growth, education, exchange of ideas and faith.

The vessel is a haven for literature enthusiasts and a platform for learning and cultural exchange.

Logos Hope Project Coordinator Kleicy Amaral (from Brazil) explained how Logos Hope’s cultural events will help bring hope to the community.

“We want to share our diversities because we want to the public to see how beautiful and powerful it is live together as a community. As we live in a world that has so many things going on, it is a beautiful way to show to the community that there is hope,” Amaral said.

Alongside the ship’s bookfair and café, Walvis Bay’s onboard visitor experience will be enhanced through engaging events for young and old.

The remaining Logos Hope crew facilitating activities in Namibia include Project Manager Paolenta Kevo (from Cameroon) and fellow Project Manager Susan Würshom (from Germany). Teams of Logos Hope volunteers will also serve on shore in local communities.

Since 1970, Logos Hope has docked at nearly 1,500 ports worldwide and has visited over 150 countries, welcoming 49 million people.