LPM aiding illegal livestock owners in Gobabis – Schlettwein

By Kaipaherue Kandjii

The agriculture minister, Calle Schlettwein, says some generational farmworkers in Gobabis do not have any sense of ownership of the livestock in their possession.

Schlettwein wrote the LPM recently ordering the livestock to remain in place, saying their owners are yet to be known as they do not bear any branding or ear tags to confirm ownership.

This follows a threat by the LPM to grab land to resettle the farmworkers after they were issued a notice to leave the town by 31 January by the CEO of Gobabis Sophia Eises, following a breach of public health and safety by-laws.

“It came to our attention that the livestock allegedly owned by the dwellers to be evicted are chatting with other brands that do not confirm ownership of these animals to the dwellers, nor do the animals carry ear tags. This prohibits the movement of the cattle to any other location.

For now, it is to be corrected with the assistance of the Regional Authorities,” said Schlettwein in a letter dated 30 January 30 January 2024 to the LPM’s head of human rights, Joyce Muzengua. 

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