Luvindao Healthcare Scholarship Award Launched

Namibian medical doctor Esperance Luvindao announced the launch of the ‘Doctor Esperance Luvindao Healthcare Scholarship Award’ in partnership with Osaat Africa Health Foundation.
The scholarship aims to support aspiring healthcare students in Namibia, providing financial assistance to those in need to help them pursue their educational goals.
Reflecting on the inspiration behind the scholarship, Luvindao shared her journey, emphasizing how crucial the financial support of others during her years at St. Paul’s College was to her academic and professional development. She expressed her enthusiasm about being able to give back to the community, acknowledging this moment as her opportunity to support the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Drawing inspiration from her life’s challenges and triumphs, she aims to provide a similar foundation for aspiring healthcare students, reinforcing her commitment to the betterment of healthcare in Africa and the support of its future leaders.
The Scholarship Award has partnered with Osaat Africa Health Foundation, an organization founded in 2019 committed to ensuring quality healthcare for all, irrespective of socioeconomic status. The Foundation focuses on educating women about women’s health in their native languages, educating young women and girls through an animation series for better information retention, copper IUCD clinics and advancing digital health for lower socioeconomic groups.

The application deadlines are 31 August 2024 for Oshakati and 30 September 2024 for Rundu. The critical aspect of the scholarship program is placing these young women in internship programs after their studies to offer a complete circle impact chain.
The scholarship will cover full tuition and a few academic-related expenses for the selected students, embodying her belief in the transformative power of education and the importance of community support.
Luvindao’s achievements and unwavering dedication are shining examples of an individual’s impact on the lives of many.
“THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!” she asserts, signalling her continued commitment to healthcare improvement and educational support in Africa.