‘Made for Greatness’ out February

By Rosalia David

DEBUT author, motivational speaker and former radio personality Rauna Kahenge will release her first book titled ‘Made for Greatness’ in February. It is aimed at making a significant contribution to female empowerment.

It focuses on topics such as motivation, success and life lessons, including challenges faced by the Namibian youth and adults in general. “The book is a two in one and does not only focus on one specific issue but on many topics. The first section is just to empower the ladies and trying to make them reach their greatest self by being positive,” she said.

The second section consists of articles on relatable life lessons and topics. Kahenge said the book launch will be on 28 February but the venue has not been confirmed yet.

Kahenge, who describes her passion for women’s empowerment-related projects, says: “I never imagined myself as an author but I love to write articles for newspapers touching on different topics or blogging. Through that people urged me to write a book, looking at how I love writing,” she said.

After that, she never looked back and the demand and need for Namibian women to be inspired and rejuvenated through a great read prompted her to go further. With a driven motive, Kahenge took it upon herself to self-publish her book as she never bothered to knock on the doors of any publishing house to enquire about funding for her manuscript.

“I just decided to get a quote and print copies myself, I didn’t really think of approaching people for funding because I know how much of a struggle it is for many authors to get sponsorship.”

Apart from being a motivational speaker and now an author, the passionate young Kahenge is also the brain behind a non-profitable organisation named Made for Greatness Foundation, which donates items such as clothes to needy people in Windhoek.