Mahali, the risk-taker

By Rosalia David

STYLIST and fashion guru Reinhard Mahali who has made it to the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list said he has always been a risk-taker and a dream chaser.
Forbes Africa recognises outstanding personalities in the business, arts and fashion industries on the continent.

Following this major milestone, in an interview with Confidente, Mahali expressed his gratitude towards the recognition saying dreams do come true.

“It was always my dream to be on front covers of magazines. I have approached and emailed publications to be featured in their publications and this is my first feature on a cover and it is on Forbes Africa 30 under 30! I am proud of all the hard work I have put in over the past five years,” he said.

He said the achievement will accord him many opportunities and that he is now ready to use his voice for impactful change.
Mahali said, all his life, he has always been a risk-taker, game changer and always believed that he is capable of achieving his dreams.
“This goes to show that all your dreams are valid and achievable!

” he added.
Mahali’s fashion journey kicked off in 2014 when he attended entertainment events such as award and fashion shows to penetrate and be visible in the industry.
After two years, in 2016 he launched RM Fashion Styling, his own brand that started styling different celebrities in the entertainment industry.
“I received a lot of requests to style people. I styled Gazza and Miss Bee for the 2016 NAMAs and the rest is history,” he said.

Now that he has been recognised on an international level, Mahali said he plans to amplify fashion stylists’ voices and art in Namibia.
With the aim of giving back to the community and making a huge mark in the fashion industry, he said, “I believe we can be the country with fashion stylists that’s at the forefront of our craftsmanship!

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I will still continue to give back like I have done in the past with assisting matric farewell girls and also to give back to the Keetmanshoop community.

He further urged the corporate world to start looking into investing in the fashion industry saying that it has the potential to create employment for many passionate and artistic youths.
“I hope the cover feature on Forbes Magazine will open doors for the fashion industry.

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I hope corporates and government invest and sponsor our initiatives. The fashion sector is as pivotal like education and sports for example,” he said.