Make lockdown fruitful

IN accordance with the words of Sky Poet when he says, “Time is not meant to be wasted but tasted,” I appeal to you all in the Land of the Brave to take into a serious consideration the importance of using time fruitfully during this extended nationwide lockdown.

It is very unfortunate and sad that the coronavirus saga has saddened all of us. The pandemic is indeed unfriendly to our respective plans, especially as we have just begun the new year 2020. It is a matter of fact that some of us are not in favour of the declared lockdown extension; however, it also remains a fact, on the other hand, that the decision taken is for everyone and for the betterment of the Namibian nation and the world at large.

Some people complain about the boredom they experience during the lockdown, whereas others are concerned about gaining weight as they eat and sleep, uninterruptedly. Although we are in quarantine and are indoors throughout the lockdown, we must always keep in mind that we have a future, here and now: even after the lockdown, life goes on.

It is believed that Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity while in quarantine during a plague epidemic.
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This is inspirational to all of us, that even in isolation we are capable of creativity and positivity. For this reason we are all encouraged to use this time in doing indoor activities, namely reading books, newspapers (if available/accessible, Bible, spiritual books, exercising (in your homes), watching academic movies, socializing with your family, watching news and so forth.

Furthermore, also use this time to develop your talents and skills.

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Those who are interested in music may compose as many new songs/hymns as possible and even come out with albums after the lockdown, whereas those who like creative writing may do so, share with the society to keep everyone awake, healed and hopeful.
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This article is an example of what I mean when I speak of developing talents. I personally love creative writing, a reason why I use it for the good of the society.

Moreover, do not forget to pray both individually and communally.

Pray for our nation, the African continent and the entire world as we face this havoc. Let us support the wounded and affected families, the poor, the sick and all those who are in-need. I urge you all to apply and put into practice the Zulu (African) maxim, which says “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which means “A person is a person through other people”.

Let us obey and respect all the lockdown rules and principles.

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Let us comply with the instructions given by the government and meet the specified standard; I strongly believe that in working together we can do more. Stay safe, wash your hands regularly, and take care.

May God bless you.

Dzinisa Ngcongo