Malaria cases on the rise in Namibia

• By Veronica Amaral

MALARIA remains a serious threat to communities across the country, given its devastating impact on vulnerable groups, and urgent action is required to tackle this silent killer, with 10 deaths reported this year and 2 476 cases reported.

According to the latest Health Ministry figures, the disease remains a significant health concern for local authorities.

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As of January 1, there has been a total of 2,476 malaria cases reported, resulting in 10 deaths and 292 admissions for severe cases.

Up to 15 malaria-endemic areas had exceeded their epidemic criteria and were declared outbreaks.

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The burden of this disease is hefty in Katima Mulilo, where 936 cases were reported, 38% of cases, Eenhana with 275; (11%), Eengela 216, (9, Nkurenkuru 177, (7%), Andara 148; 6%, Okongo 131; 5%, Rundu 115; 5%, Nyanagana 72; 3%, Oshakati 67; 3%, Onandjokwe 65; 3%, Ncamagoro 49; 2%, Omuthiya 48 (2%) Tsumeb has 33 (1%), Outapi has 26 (1%), Oshikuku has 24 (1%). Other districts have 145 (6%).

Despite these terrible statistics, progress has been achieved in the fight against malaria, particularly in preventing and controlling the spread of this disease, as funding has increased and joint efforts have expanded.

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