Malongi makes a name for himself

By Michael Uugwanga

AT 23, Hilary Jean Alan Malongi is a proud owner of his own company called Allan HS Investments that manages artists and brands through its sister company Allan HS Media.

Some of the top artists that his company manages are Top Cheri, Lioness, Nally, Taylor Jaye and Nigerian-born Cardinal Max, just to mention a few.

Before starting his company, Malongi was a personal assistant to well-known local female entrepreneur Nangula Nashandi who is known for organising the Ondangwa Expo in the Oshana region.

“Allan HS Investment is involved in different industries, like managing artists through Allan HS Media, whereby we basically do public relations (PR) and management for brands which includes artists. The company basically runs the day-to-day life of artists and bookings,” said Malongi.

Malongi also told Confidente what inspired him to start such a company in 2017, which is legally registered with Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA).

Unsurprisingly, Malongi has always been passionate about the entertainment industry since childhood as it was always his dream to one day own an entertainment company.

“I used to be the PA to Nangula (Nashandi), she motivated me to start my own events management company because of the love I have for events. So after that I got my company registered and started doing events until one day, when me and Top Cheri decided to work together and that’s how I got in the market of managing artists; prior to that I used to manage Nangula Nanyemba, a Namibian media personality.”

Explaining his entrepreneurship journey, Malongi added: “Well it was never easy and still not easy to run such a company. In the beginning I did not have start-up capital. I also own a cleaning company, plus I have a brand of my own where I do gigs to fund my creative side of things.

“What motives me till this day is the love I have for entertainment and the hunger to succeed and accomplish my dreams. I am motivated to succeed in my business ventures because I found my own life so I do not have a choice but to wake up everyday and chase my dreams.”

Today, Malongi is also a proud employer and who knows maybe in the near future his company could look to employ more workers.

“My events company does event promotions and I have 10 females as my promo ladies. I also have a PA that runs my day-to-day life. Also, I have two ladies that do the cleaning services for me, plus one male that does gardening. The day- to-day challenge I face is lack of money. Meanwhile there is still another challenge which is lack of support from my fellow Namibians in the entertainment industry to give a chance to the upcoming youth to showcase their creativity or just to give them a voice to speak.”

With Covid-19 pandemic being at the centre of many businesses collapsing or facing financial difficulties, Malongi has said that he continues to survive in the harsh condition, while at the same time hoping for a better tomorrow.

“I do not take no for an answer when it comes to giving the youth the opportunity to showcase their skills or talent, but slowly and  surely we are getting to a stage where I  can say that we are doing it the right way without assistance.

“Covid-19 has affected my business badly because my company makes money from bringing people together, be it at organised events, so with no gatherings there is no money coming in,” he said.