Man on a quest for justice over murdered son

• By Tracy Tafirenyika

SALMON Appolus the father of Clifton Van Reen, who was stabbed to death 12 years ago, has approached the Office of the Prosecutor General to seek for justice on the case that remains unresolved.

According to Appolus, Van Reen was stabbed to death with a knife following a fight that occurred between the deceased and the suspect Teophilus Galant in March 2009.

The family opened a case on the same day however the suspect got bail on his first appearance and was later released, and the case has remained unresolved up to date.

“My son was murdered; he got stabbed to death after he was involved with the suspect in an argument. What is shocking is that, when the suspect was arrested he got bail on his first appearance, and the case was dismissed, the case was thrown out without any judgment due to the fact that they could not find the docket. The docket went missing for three years and until today it is still missing, we don’t know what transpired.


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