‘Marry your type’ drops

By Rosalia David

SENSATIONAL singer Maria Simon better known as Laquida has released her debut single titled ‘Marry your type’ after pulling off a colossal celebrity stunt of being married to artist Page who she featured on the track.

Speaking to Confidente this week, Simon opened up about the meaning behind the title of the song while highlighting some of her upcoming projects planned for the year.

“The title says it all, marry your type. As a hopeless romantic, I would like people to know and understand that it is important to find your true person, that is your type, especially in this day and age where it seems people are just in relationships for the wrong reasons,” she explained.

Being a make-up artist for almost a decade, Simon highlights her experience of attending weddings on a regular basis as her inspiration.

She said, “I have been to quite a number of weddings. Seeing that union is absolutely beautiful, I just had to touch on the subject.

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I don’t think there is anyone in this world who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives with their soulmate.

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‘Marry your type’ was released recently and currently stands at more than 1 000 views.

Although she said the views could get better, Simon is optimistic about the music video which she plans on dropping next month.

“So far so good! I’m absolutely amazed at how much support I’ve received, not only from the general public, but other artists in the industry. The demand from the teaser alone was astronomical, and the moment I uploaded it, the purchases were quite a lot,” she added.

‘Marry your type’ was produced by Glo Solani, founder of Glo productions, who Simon describes as the best in the game.

Simon went on to say that music lovers should also keep an eye out for a fire cracker album that could be released this year.

She said, “All I can say for now is, keep an eye out for the album. Lots of exciting features to be expected on it as well.

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But, until I announce my official album release date, you can expect a few other singles to drop. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Asked on some of the challenges she faces as a female artist in Namibia, Simon said that unfortunately as females, they are expected to sexualise everything. She however maintained that, “fortunately my team is very supportive of what I’m doing so it’s not something I consistently see, but the pressure is definitely there.”

On her journey of music, Simon said her music career kicked off in 2006 but her mind was wrapped around other things and the artist put her plans on hold for a while.

“I wasn’t really in a rush to release any song because I told myself that if I have to release something it has to be something really good not just dropping a song for the sake of it and then it plays for a month and disappears,” she stated.