Mathew Erastus to launch men’s line

By Rosalia David

FOUNDER and fashion designer Mathew Erastus will be launching his men’s line at the Village Restaurant in Eros on Saturday.

Erastus is enthusiastic about launching his first full on male collection, saying fashion lovers can expect a lot of surprises and locally made men’s wear. “I cannot really reveal what type of outfits we will be launching at the fashion show but people can surely expect to see ready-to-wear pieces on the runway. We are trying to break boundaries in tapping into something that has not been done before,” he said.

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He further added that revealing the type of clothes they are launching would kill the suspense as his plan is to only reveal the line on the runway on the day of the launch.

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Touching on how long it took him to design the new clothing line, Erastus said it took him three to four months to completely finish designing the collection.

More than 24 ready-made pieces are expected to be launched on Saturday with a little bit of entertainment set for the night.

As to whether the fashion industry has evolved, he said, “I think as fashion designers who have been around for some time, Namibian people are now keen on wearing locally made clothes and that is why we decided to make sure that our line is strictly made locally.”

Erastus is not new to the fashion industry, in 2018 he scooped the Designer of the Year award at the Simply You Magazine Fashion and Lifestyle Awards where he was nominated alongside industry heavyweights like Ingo Shanyenge, Melisa Poulton and Chakirra Claasen, and despite entering as the underdog, he emerged victorious after receiving the most votes.
In 2016, he also received the Best Overall Designer Collection award at Zaphyr’s Miss Grand Namibia fashion show.

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Erastus is a self-taught designer, who learned many of his skills from friends in the fashion industry since jumpstarting his fashion career in 2008.

Apart from winning the biggest industry award for designers in 2018, he also hosted his first fashion show in the same year celebrating 10 years in the industry.

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