Mboma is waiting for World Athletics green light

• By Michael Uugwanga   

OLYMPIC 200m Silver Medallist Christine Mboma is still awaiting word from World Athletics approving her return to competition, her coach Henk Botha says.

Mboma is expected to begin racing this month following the expiration of her World Athletics’ six-month ban handed last year due to her excessive testosterone levels.  She was able to comply with the restriction by taking the prescribed medication, which will help lower her elevated testosterone levels.

Mboma has been prohibited from running for more than a year due to the suspension, and with the Summer Olympics in three months, the clock is ticking for her to begin competing in Olympic Qualifiers.

In preparation for the Olympic Games, many other competitors worldwide have been competing in different events. Still, Mboma has yet to get an official letter stating that she can compete.

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