Mclean defends Miss Namibia organiser

By Confidente Reporter

Amid claims in a recent statement released by reigning Miss Namibia Selma Kamanya about alleged emotional abuse and financial woes that she endured while wearing the crown, former Miss Namibia Michelle Mclean came to the defense of pageant organiser Conny Maritz.

The former Miss Namibia and Miss Universe shared her sentiments at a recent Miss Namibia media launch and sponsorship unveiling. “The only way Miss Namibia winners can make a success of their reign is if they respect and listen to Miss Namibia organiser, Conny Maritz,” Mclean said.

She also reiterated that should the finalists want success they should show great respect for their sponsors. “I hope you will take my advice, the sponsors are wonderful and we are really grateful for their support,” she said.

Her comments are seemingly in response to Kamanya’s critique, as well as that of Miss Namibia 2017 Sune Januarie, who said she had to rely on family and the Rehoboth Community Trust to get by during her reign. Miss Namibia 2016 Lizelle Esterhuizen also claimed that her family had to fork out at least N$300,000 to finance her outfits to represent Namibia at international events.

Maritz replied with a lengthy statement saying that Kamanya’s complaint that she did not benefit from the portion of the “public funds” raised that she was entitled to as winner was untrue.

“Not once since her crowning did she even suggest that she was entertaining any thoughts that she had not received the full value of her cash prize sponsorships. Instead, she issued a false statement to the printed media without any prior notice to the Miss Namibia Organisation and without according it an opportunity to respond thereto… Extravagant expectations and ‘poor little rich girl’- attitudes run counter to the ethos of the Miss Namibia Organisation,” she said in her rebuttal.

Miss Namibia 2019 will be broadcast live on NBC from the Windhoek Country Club on Saturday.