Meatco maintains A-Grade status

By Hilary Mare

THE Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) has maintained its A-Grade status in the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard and Food Safety Audit that was conducted from 25 to 30 November last year.

Sharing audit outcomes this week, the company said that for the first time, this was a virtual audit conducted via Zoom and WhatsApp.

“We were required to display our plant to the auditor during the session virtually, which was a challenge. However, with the support of our information and technology infrastructure department, we administered this well,” the company said in a statement adding, “We received seven minor findings that have been rectified and closed out. This has enabled us to receive our BRC Certification that is valid until 6 January 2022.”

Meatco also conducted and received the Food Safety Standard 2200 Certification Audit for NSF, which took place from 8 to 11 December 2020. Twelve minor findings were received, rectified, closed out and certification, which is valid until January 21 2022 was received.

“During the audit, employees maintained their discipline and did not deviate from the certification requirements even though they were operating under the unprecedented times of Covid-19. The virtual audit was similarly successful, and no interruptions were encountered.

“Meatco, as a food manufacturing company, is registered with food safety and quality management bodies that have set standards and requirements that must be adhered to. Therefore, food safety and quality management programmes at Meatco and its operations are based on these standard requirements.”

Meanwhile, the company also announced that last year, it managed to successfully utilise its Norwegian quota of 1 600 tonnes.

The Norwegian market remains Meatco’s valuable and premium market to which it exported 1 608 tonnes of meat, translating into 82 211 cartons shipped.

The market received, among other cuts, 16.4 percent of Silverside cuts, 15.5 percent of topside cuts, 11 percent of fore-rib cuts and 10.6 percent of striploin cuts.

According to Meatco, despite starting the year at a rather slow pace and foregoing the ‘Easter Market’, when meat consumption in Norway increases due to the festivities, Meatco fulfilled the quota before October last year.

“Furthermore, 2020 was the first year we served our other new international markets of China and America for a full year. Additionally, Meatco has been officially allocated 1 200 tonnes of the quota for 2021,” the meat producer noted.