MeatMa celebrates 5 years of excellence

By Business Reporter

MEATMA, Meatco’s product brand, which was established to supply the local market with good, affordable products, turned five years in September this year.

The five-year celebrations were held at both MeatMa Windhoek and Meatco MeatMa Oshakati outlets. During the celebrations, MeatMa customers at the two outlets were offered a combo that consisted of 500 gram (g) Chakalaka Braaiwors, 500g Hotchix Wors, 500g Legends Wors, 500g Beef Griller, 500g Babalaas Wors, 1.5 kilogram (kg) Sliced Beef, 400g Chief’s Choice Burger, 400g Setson Beef Burger, 500g Value Mince and 5kg soup-bones all contained in the basket.

This was followed by festivities of a live broadcast outside the MeatMa Windhoek Outlet as well as a Spin & Win Competition, where customers walked away with lots of prizes. The Meatco MeatMa Outlet hosted a braai and engaged with customers on-site throughout the live broadcast.

“The main reason why MeatMa held these celebrations was to thank our loyal customers, who have been supporting the brand for the past five years. This engagement platform also allowed us to find out what we should improve and add to our product line to continue satisfying our customers’ needs,” MeatMa’s Sales Representative Local Markets & Value Addition, Griffith Uahindua, says.

“The N$350 price for the combo was a token of appreciation, as affordability of our products in the MeatMa basket remains one of the main reasons why the brand was launched initially. It was, therefore, appropriate to sell the combo at this strategically formulated price,” adds Uahindua.

MeatMa was founded in support of the Government’s “Growth at Home” Policy and Strategy to add value at home to diversify the economy through encouraging local value-addition as well as manufacturing.