Meet the Kaiyamo twins…..Dominating and making a name in Kart Racing…

• By Michael Uugwanga

KART Racing or simply Go-Kart might not be seen as a big sport when compared to other sport codes, however the sport seems to be developing into one of the most appealing sport code.

While sport enthusiastic are focused on the upcoming FIFA World Cup and Cricket T20 World Cup, the Kaiyamo twins, Nande and Mandume have made sure kart Racing remains relatively famous with recent impressive showings at the sixth leg of the National Go-Karting Championship in Swakopmund.

The twins are in the Bambino class, a racing class for riders between the ages of five to nine years.

This week Confidente caught up with the two eight-year-old grade two twins who spoke of their passion for the sport and why they chose go-karting, who their role models are and how it all started for them.

“We started as a fun family activity together with our father and when daddy heard that from our uncle that it was a sport, he decided to sign us up. This was last year and our first race was in October 2021. We also do other sports like inline hockey, swimming and soccer. Karting is fun, you make new friends and you learn a lot about driving, but it is also tough and tiring, Mandume said.

Nande who came first at the Rotax Max Challenge National Sixth leg championship said his dream was to one day become like his hero, Formula One driver Max Verstappen, same applies to Mandume who admires another Formula One driver, George Russel.

Mandume came in second place at the same event.

“We always practice a lot (on Saturday and Sunday) in preparation for the race, so we do a lot of laps.  Our parents always say hard work pays off, so I was very happy that I won. I am leading in points (in our Bambino group, 5-9 years) so far and my brother is on number 3, but I want to win the National Karting Championship this year, which will be on December17, so that I can take part in the African Championship in South Africa next year,” Nande said.

The youngster pointed out he loved Max Verstappen’s driving for Red Bull, because, “Like him, I am an aggressive driver who like to win,” Nande said.

“Karting is fun and you learn to be an aggressive driver and to drive fast. I want to become a Formula One driver one day. My favourate driver is George Russel, who drives for Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton,” Mandume said.