Meet upcoming musician William Will Tyler

UPCOMING R&B artist William Will Tyler will be releasing his first EP titled ‘That’s what I said’ on Saturday, a debut to his musical career.

In a one-on-one interview with Confidente’s Rosalia David (RD) this week, the enthusiastic artist (WT) says that he is now finally ready to take on the music industry by storm.

RD: Kindly provide a brief background on your musical journey, when exactly did you start doing music?

WT: 12th September 2020 was the first day I took a step into changing my life and future by booking a meeting with Skryptmusic, a Namibian rapper. I was an eager young boy with a dream and I felt a little disappointed after the meeting because he made me realise how hard this was actually going to be.

I was prepared, don’t get me wrong I knew what I was signing up for but it was real now. It required a version of me that I was afraid to step into, to embrace but I was always a believer in self-expression and self-love.

My music genre is R&B/Pop. I was always a musical kid, my late father would play the chest accordion to me almost every night when I slept on the floor. His playing always soothed me and relaxed me even as a kid. I always knew my life would involve music.

I mean you have one life to live, and come on the world is your oyster! You can have so much in life, why settle for less if you can be everything and more? I mean if you only had one chance wouldn’t you give it your best shot? Lol!! I’m only trying, honestly, this can succeed or it can fail but I will sleep more peacefully at night knowing that I tried. I was born for this.

RD: What would you say inspires your music?

WT: My music is truly inspired by emotion and creativity. I want to find creative ways to express myself through my music. I’m inspired by Beyonce, Rihanna and Jhene Aiko, to name a few. My music and love for music is so diverse I want to continuously be learning and growing as an artist; jazz, soul, country and rock.

RD: Kindly provide an in-depth about the upcoming EP?

WT: My debut Extended Playlist (EP) consists of six songs. Additionally, I filmed a music video for my main single ‘Party’.  I spent a lot of time and money on this project. It is my passion project, my baby to be honest.

I will and have invested in the best debut I can afford to show off my talents. The title is ‘That’s what I said’ and it comes from standing in your truth and going after what you want and doing exactly what you said you would do!

We all had dreams as kids and when the hard reality of life hit some of us set aside our dreams and focused on surviving. Being what we actually wanted became an unattainable goal.

I totally understand it by the way I’m not judging. I had to face the reality of how hard it actually is turning 24 and my family wanting and expecting me to start standing on my own and fend for my own. It was and still is a lot of pressure with especially me putting most of it on myself. I played in a fictional world of stardom all my life and it was finally time to step into the spotlight.

RD: What are your favourite tracks on the album and why?

WT: My favourite track is actually ‘All my love’ with my best friend Uaundjua Ngapurue (22 CEO NAIL IT). It is a fun, sexy and expressive love song that took me 30 minutes to write and I just fell in love. Next it is ‘Party’. My favourite lyric is ‘you me over everything, Nobody, Secrets, No, no, no. If you ask me.’

RD: Who produced the EP and who are some of the people you have worked with?

WT: I worked with Raphael, a Namibian producer who studied in Switzerland and David from The Façade. They really helped guide me and we worked collaboratively to make my vision come true. They incorporated my final suggestions every time I wanted to change or do a song over.

The album only consists of one feature with my best friend Uaundjua Ngapurue (22 CEO NAIL IT). I am okay with that but I definitely want to collaborate with more artists on upcoming projects. I’m so excited to work and show more of my capabilities because this is not my best – Oh, no hunny, I’m just starting!

RD: What are some of your future goals?

WT: My short-term goal is to win a Grammy by 25. I know I don’t have much time left but I believe I can achieve it. I definitely want to make music that is timeless, that makes people feel something, anything, and everything.

Music has been my guide and crutch through life and the artists that have guided me to this stage (a lot of them from all walks of life) made me feel seen, heard and deserving. I’d like to make people feel the same way.