Meet Valentino: the 9-year-old dance prodigy

By Rosalia David

THE nine-year-old Valentino Somseb from Tsumeb is making his mark in the world of dance and is being recognized as an amazingly gifted prodigy.

With his love for dancing starting to show at the age of three, he has since become somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown and has taken the internet by storm after featuring in PDK’s ‘Saka’ music video.

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“I started dancing at a very young age, taught by my two brothers who are also dancers and as I continue growing my moves improved. I love dancing with all my heart,” he said.

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The kid, who was the star of the trailblazing music video, belongs to a dance troupe named, Nje Squad that formed about 10 years ago. Since joining, he has learned to dance to various music styles, such as Damara Punch, Kwaito, Oviritje, Hip Hop and many others.

“We dance on every genre, there is no specific one we can point out but if you give us a song right now, we are able to create some moves,” he added.

His dream started to see light of day after auditioning for ‘Visible Talent’ which scouted for dance talent earlier this year.

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He was later called to Windhoek by PDK to feature on their latest hit single.

The Saka video, which has quickly gained popularity abroad, made it to Trace Africa, topping international and local charts.

“It was an honour to be invited to Windhoek to go dance in the PDK’s music video, which was one of our biggest highlights of the year.

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I would like to highly thank them for giving us this huge opportunity,” he noted.

Although being part of the Saka music video is one of Nje Squad biggest breakout moments, they will also be taking part in the grand finale of the last episode of Visible Talent taking place in Windhoek on 7 December.

“We will be traveling to Windhoek soon and we are very excited to be part of the Visible Talent journey,” he added.

Valentino just completed his Grade 3 at St Francis Primary school in Tsumeb and will be going to Grade 4 next year. “I am excited to meet new friends and get familiar with my new class and teacher,” he said.

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He also mentioned that he passed his grades with flying colours and that dancing does not come between him and his education.

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Valentino’s dream career is to become a successful dancer and a medical doctor.

“I want to help people one day, if I become a doctor then I am able to heal people and with dancing, I would like to teach those who want to dance,” he smiled.

According to the young dancing star, he will never give up on dancing as it is his God given-talent. He further urged other aspiring young dancers to follow their dreams and never give up.
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He said, “I would like to tell them to not listen to what people are saying but rather focus on their dreams – without dancing affecting their education.”