Meet vivacious YouTuber, Vicky Mwanandimayi

By Rosalia David

WITH social media being one of the biggest platforms in the current generation to showcase talent, a few Namibians have taken time to create appealing content while making a name for themselves on YouTube.

This week Confidente (RD) sat with Vicky Mwanandimayi (VM) who started her YouTube channel a year ago aiming at encouraging and motivating fellow women on her growing platform.

RD: Who exactly is Vicky in a nutshell?
VM: Vicky is a young lady who has been through struggles in her teenage years, saved by Jesus and living for His glory. A mama of three kiddos, married to a man after God’s own heart. She is living a quiet life, gently working with her hands.

RD: Kindly give us a brief background on how and when you started with your YouTube channel?
VM: I started my YouTube channel a year ago. The only thing I had was my phone and a passion for creativity.

RD: What is the one thing that inspires you to create content?
VM: I am a graphic designer, so creating is something I love to do, it’s kinda therapeutic for me. I got married at 22 and ever since then became a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful kids. One day, a friend of mine came to visit me and she asked “how is your house always so clean with three little children”? She -including many other people- would be shocked as to how I maintained a peaceful, clean home. This friend suggested that I start a YouTube channel, she said so many people will really learn a lot from you. Knowing that other people can be encouraged and motivated through this platform is really what inspired me to start.

RD: How has YouTube been for you so far?
VM: YouTube has been great! I love how strict YouTube is with security and as long as we the creators work hard, YouTube is consistent with payouts.

RD: How do you balance between being a mom, wife and a YouTuber?
VM: Firstly, it’s the grace of God. Without the Holy Spirit and His peace I would be a burned out potato (lol).
Secondly, I am a huge planner. I schedule my month, weeks and days. That way I am in control of my life and living on purpose. I hate waking up and I’m running from one activity to the next like a headless chicken without a vision for the day. I schedule time for play time with kids, date night with hubby, editing time, cleaning, cooking etc… Evening has its time.

RD: What do you enjoy the most when it comes to content creating?
VM: Creating content is “me time” when everyone in my home is satisfied, I get to enjoy expressing myself and pour myself in this art. I enjoy the music, and knowing that generations to come will have access to these videos simply brings me joy.

RD: What are some of the challenges you experience being a YouTuber/ content creator in Namibia?
VM: I honestly don’t face any challenges, maybe because I came into this without any expectations. It would be good if we had more Namibians subscribing and watching Namibian entertainment. This would be good not only for content creators but Namibia at large. I also wish a lot of other Namibian creators would be authentic and real so that the nation can relate and not try to be or sound like Americans.

RD: Where do you see your channel in the next few years?
VM: I would love to see the whole of Namibian and Africa watching my channel. Believe it or not, I actually would love to have episodes play on our local television platform, by God’s grace.

RD: How would you describe the experience so far and would you ever stop?
VM: I love it and if I stop, please call 911, something will be wrong.