Meet young marketing manager: Nauyoma

By Michael Uugwanga

CONFIDENTE recently caught up with Cricket Namibia marketing manager, Natalia Nauyoma to talk about her role and her educational background.
Born 25 years ago, Nauyoma is among the country’s youngest marketing managers and has established herself as a leading marketer at CN, even though she has just been in the capacity for nearly two years now.
Nauyoma was born in a little village called Mbome in the Kavango-West region.
At CN she started as an intern before gradually moving up the ladder due to her hard work and dedication.
“I joined Cricket Namibia in 2019 during the time of Peter Forster, the previous CN chief executive officer. I started as an office administration intern of which I never enjoyed because waking up every morning for work was not the best honestly. I now understand why people say that you enjoy work more when you are passionate about it,” said Nauyoma.

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Despite her work being demanding, Nauyoma seems to be enjoying her role at CN, thanks to the support she continues to receive from current CEO, Johan Muller who has turned CN into one of the most admired sports brands, not only in Namibia but in the world.
“Being an intern and the youngest in the office was not really the best especially when you are stuck with a job that you did not enjoy one bit. Our current CEO Johan officially joined CN in July 2019, and that was the beginning of my marketing career. Johan believed in me and gave me a chance that I could only dream of -brand management, planning events, public relations, marketing and advertising.
“The relationship I have with our CEO and the board members is unreal. These are all successful businessmen and women, and for me to be able to tap into their knowledge and skills is what made me the marketer I am today.

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Being the Cricket Namibia marketing manager has been nothing but fun for me. I work very close with our CEO as I am also his personal assistant,” she said.
Nauyoma attended Van Rhyn primary school from grade one to five before she continued her primary school education at Waldfrieden – Catholic School in Omaruru. She did her secondary education at St.Joseph’s Roman Catholic High School Döbra from grade eight to 11, before completing her grade 12 at Khomas High School.
At school she was an athlete in high jump but never took the sport seriously as she felt that there were better athletes than her.
Today, she is enjoying the sport of cricket even though she never played the sport or grew up watching it.
“I enjoyed high jump in primary school at Waldfrieden because I was one of the best players and I tried high jump again at sigh school but I lost interest because there were better athletes than me in the sport, so I stopped taking part in it.
“I watch cricket as I had to learn the game to keep my job.

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Cricket is the only sport I can basically sit and watch, especially when it is the Namibian national cricket teams (men or women) playing. I love it.”
Nauyoma holds a diploma in public relations from the University of Namibia (UNAM) and she is also soon to complete her marketing management course through Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA).
“One thing I would however like to achieve is a Masters Degree in Sports Management”.