MEFT to ensure sustainable resource management

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

THE Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT), Pohamba Shifeta say his Ministry has set sights on making sure the benefits of the Paris Agreement bear fruits for all Namibians by implementing government policies and strategies that promotes accessing climate finance.

Shifeta made the remarks in his keynote address at the official handover of the Integrated Wildlife and Sustainable Rangeland Management project which is aimed at improving livelihoods in the /Huibes Conservancy, Hardap region.

“The ministry will implement national projects aimed at strengthening adaptation capacity, enhancing community resilient to climate change and reducing object poverty in Namibia. It is the responsibility of us as lawmakers to ensure that the interest of Namibian and her beautiful natural resources are protected and sustainably managed for the future generation and generations to come after. As such, we urged developed nations to implements and make available accessible climate finance to the developing countries for loss and damage

and ensuring adaptation actions are realised especially in Africa where we are paying the highest price of global warming,” he said.

The “Integrated Wildlife and Sustainable Rangeland Management for improved livelihoods,” was funded by the Environmental Investment Fund and will be implemented by the /Huibes Conservancy in Hardap region.

The project aims to enhance climate change resilience of communities in the /Huibes

landscape area through integrated farming systems.

As part of the project’s design, Shifeta handed over two completed hydroponic units for fodder production, six backyard gardens, 292 goats of which 10 are rams for small stock breeding scheme, chicken feed and feeders to which 400 chickens were procured and

delivered to identified households as beneficiaries.

The minister urged the farming communities, specifically small-scale farmers to realise their full potential and contribute significantly to national food security and economic growth.

“It is in our best interest to foster conservation of our natural resources through community based natural resource management system as established by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Hardap region governor, Salamon April thanked MEFT and EIF Namibia for empowering the community of /Huibes Conservancy and Hardap region in general through the project intervention.
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Situated in the Daweb Constituency, the Huibes Conservancy was funded to tune N$ 1 500 000 under the Ecosystem-Based Adaptation investment window, under the empower to Adapt (EDA) project which is centered around creating Climate Change Resilent Livelihoods through Community Based Natural Resource Management in Namibia (CBNRM EDA project).

The /Huiseb Conservancy forms part of the Daweb Constituency in the Hardap Region. /Huiseb lies about 120 km southwest of Marential where about 220 households are registered with the /Huibes conservancy of which most, live in abject poverty.

The total population of about 750 people depend on livestock farming, mostly small stock farming as their dominant activity in most households.
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The project is aimed at enhancing climate change resilience communities in the /Huibes landscape area through integrated farming systems.

The project objectives include establishing livestock breeding and livestock revolving bank and enhancing community