Mega music deal a first for Namibia

By Confidente Reporter

LOCAL music label, RTE Records recently announced that its artist Chamy ‘Kurzca’ Kurz had bagged a multi-million dollar deal with Empire, one of the world’s leading record label, digital publisher and distributors.
This was announced by RTE public relations officer Caroline Oherein at a press conference held in Windhoek recently.

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She said the Namibian label has partnered up with the American music giant to turn the artist into a global superstar.
“This partnership with Empire will allow us to get into the right rooms to make sure that we turn Kurzca into the biggest star the world has ever seen, and yes, we genuinely mean the world,” she said, adding that the financial implication of the deal will not only benefit Kurzca and RTE Records but has the potential to benefit the local music industry as a whole.
According to her, the funds have been availed to them already for the production of Kurzca’s music, videos, brand management, and any other relatable content.

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“It is with great pride that I say RTE Records will make it a point to use Namibian producers, photographers, directors, videographers, dancers, and any other person that might be needed along this journey to ensure that more people in our beloved country benefit from this great opportunity,” Oherein stated.
In addition, she said the second part of the partnership with Empire, is a publishing deal for RTE Records, as a company.

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“We are once again proud to announce that this is a first for Africa, as RTE Records will be the first African recording company to ink a deal with the American music giant, Empire.
“This deal will not only benefit the artists under RTE Records, but this deal allows us as Namibians to have a platform where all songwriters, producers, and artists will be able to submit their work and make sure it gets in front of the right people.
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This will create an opportunity for one to benefit financially off of one’s work, an opportunity we have never had in our country,” she added.
Ultimately, she said the partnership has the potential to open up Namibia to the world, through a language everyone understands, ‘music’.
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RTE Records is a record label founded in August 2020, intending to provide a platform for Namibian artist to reach their full potential internationally.

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It is RTE’s relentless desire to create an ecosystem where Namibian artists can thrive.
“As we know, the global music industry is controlled by a handful of companies, making it extremely difficult for an outsider to make it in the global industry without one of these machines behind you. We understand the massive task we have ahead of us and understand that the work must start now,” Oherein concluded.