Michael Mwetuhangapo Endjala

Please tell us your name, where you studied and what qualification/s you hold

I AM Michael Mwetuhangapo Endjala, I pursued a Bachelor of Education (Honours, NQA 8) and majored in English and Oshiwambo (Oshindonga and Oshikwanyama). I am currently teaching both subjects on Ordinary and Higher Level.

Can you give us a brief introduction to your career as teacher?
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Teaching (languages) is my utmost professional career after exiting the University of Namibia. To my philosophical perspective, teaching is a unique profession.
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One has to possess certain attributes, ranging from passion to being knowledgeable and skillful.

A professional teacher has to be committed and dedicated to students. Thus, as a teacher, I aim to inspire my students to get them interested and even excited about what they are learning from me or the teaching and learning environment. Besides that, to be a great teacher I should possess effective discipline skills and promote positive behaviour and change in the classroom. So, good classroom management skills are imperative in taking up teaching as a career.

Other skills a professional teacher has to possess include management skills: Being capable of ensuring good student behaviour, work habits and effective study. Overall, a good teacher is flexible. Thus, they can reinforce respect inside and outside the classroom.

What do you love about your teaching?

Apart from teaching in Reverend Juuso Shikongo Secondary School for two years now, teaching excites me in many ways. I started teaching in 2012 when I was in high school (when our Grade 12B Biology teacher went on maternity leave). When I entered my second year at UNAM, I was appointed as an English and Research tutor in the Language Centre. After four years of study, I started teaching at RJS. That overview in its strongest sense shows my love for teaching and inculcating wisdom in learners. Moreover, teaching is a career that keeps me busy working on effective activities. I love keeping myself busy to prevent both internal and external distractions. Besides, I prefer teaching since it rewards me a chance to observe learners coming-of-age. I get amused and inspired by life as I witness learners growing from childhood into adulthood. Furthermore, teaching is a lifelong learning career that equips me with the needed knowledge and skills, meaning when I teach I am also learning various aspects from the whole learning and teaching process. Thus at the end of the tunnel I am an experienced professional leader. So, it is teaching that teaches me various life skills, including decision-making and problem-solving skills.

What message would you give to someone who wants to be a teacher?

Let me be honest with everyone here, teaching is a great professional career. To the high school matriculants exiting normal schooling in November 2019, they should follow their passion when it comes to choosing a university course. If one is to go for Education (teaching), they should assess themselves very well if they can’t take an IQ test.

If one, then possesses knowledge in specific subject areas, he or she should be eager to perform exceptionally.

Besides, if one is to take this amazing career, he/she should always be flexible when conducting themselves. They should also be always eager to support and render advice voluntarily as mentors and to the school at large. A future teacher should also be a hardworking, reliable, trustworthy and honest person that can devote most of their time to learners to ensure that they master the basic competencies, as stipulated in the syllabus. A great teacher endeavours to assist learners even after school hours. Being an effective educator also, requires one to take part in professional research. On that basis, one should be willing to take part in various committees aimed at improving learning and developing the school, as well as one’s self. Apart from that, learners need voluntary motivation through guidance and counseling. Therefore, rendering motivational talks should be a great teacher’s top priority in this regard. Time management and ambition are also qualities of importance, hence a teacher should be able to exercise them effectively. Time is scarce to manage, especially in the 21st century of digital operations. Therefore, teachers should prioritise what is important and then know what they want to achieve with their career in a specified period. To teach is to touch lives forever!