Midwifery vital in climate action for maternal health

• By Martha Nangombe

In commemoration of the International Day of Midwives, Sylvia Hamata, President of the Midwives Association of Namibia, expressed the importance of safeguarding maternal and newborn health, particularly in the face of unprecedented climate challenges.

Recently held under the theme “Midwives, a Vital Climate Solution”, the event brought together key stakeholders, including the UNFPA Country Representative, the Registrar of the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA), and representatives from the Ministry of Health.

The event underscored the crucial intersection of advancing maternal health and addressing the challenges of climate change. Climate change affects people’s physical and psychological health and well-being through exposure to extreme weather events such as storms, floods, heat waves, air pollution, food, water, vector-borne diseases, and health care and social protection services.

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