MIG instilling hope through ‘Keep My Soul’

By Rosalia David

WITH the current pandemic causing panic within the entertainment industry, music group, Mighty Ill Game (MIG) is instilling hope with their new single titled ‘Keep My Soul.’

The group which is gunning for diversity through its unique sound described the latest song as a ‘heart-touching melody.’

With the music video views accumulating every day, Confidente had to have a quick chat with the group’s manager Prince Muha who gave a glimpse on what inspired the message in the song.

“The song is basically just about giving hope, looking at what is happening currently, people are starting to give up on everything,” he said.

Asked on how the reception has been so far, Muha said the track was going miles and that they have received good responses on the song both locally and internationally.

“It has been crazy. The song is being played in the UK and also in France while a popular podcast called ‘Isms and Riddims’ from there called for an interview. We didn’t expect it to get so many views so far. We are honoured,” he said.

‘Keep My Soul’ is produced by an international producer from Miami named ‘Jefe’ while the music video was shot and produced by the group itself.

“We do everything. It’s a group consisting of many talents,” Muha revealed.

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Hailing from the ever-green town of Rundu, the group comprises of six members who combine a mix of dancehall, hip-hop and a Namibian flavoured-style of trap music on many of their songs.

While many of Namibia’s leading musicians are centralised in the capital city, MIG proudly represents its hometown and shows just how much talent can be found in smaller towns.

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MIG has been making music since 2010 and members credit their brotherhood and teamwork for staying together for so long.

In 2017, they released a smashing 22-track album titled ‘‘Unkurungu’ consisting of rap songs which left many music lovers asking for more.

With a brand new single already making headlines, Muha said there are more projects scheduled for release.

“We are busy and we want to drop four or five more singles from the album, however, we have not decided yet on whether we want to release an EP or a full album but we have songs ready,” he said adding that the group has plans to release more music videos this year.