Missing x-ray equipment puts Outapi residents at risk of radiation


BUSINESSMAN Onesmus “Tona” Amadhila has deflected concerns regarding X-Ray machines owned by Radiologist, Esther Embumbulu, as a problem to Ramos Realtors, the agents charged with the leasing of his property, the Outapi Shopping Center.

At the center of the controversy are X-Ray machines that were damaged due to a flooding incident at the shopping mall a few years back.

“My mother and I rented a unit at the Outapi shopping mall for our radiology business which we established using money from a veterans’ payout through the office of the Prime Minister,” Celia Embumbulu informed Confidente.

Celia Embumbulu said their dispute with Amadhila (Tona) began when pipes at the building of the business mogul burst and resulted in damage to the medical equipment which are licensed by the Directorate of Radiation under the ministry of health and Social Services.

“In December 2017 our Outapi X-Ray department was flooded due to a massive pipe leakage from the ceiling. This resulted in our Cr-system, Eva and X-Ray machines being damaged, an agent representing ‘Tona’ allowed us to keep our equipment on the premises while the company puts in a claim for insurance however the claim was not payed out,” Celia Embumbulu narrated.

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“Although there was an agreement that we would not have to pay rent due to our factors of production being damaged we were surprised when we received an invoice stating that we owed Outapi Shopping Center rent in the amount of N$ 239 931. 10,” Embumbulu said.

Contacted for comment regarding the matter, Amadhila who has been the center of controversy refused to be drawn to comment.

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He however did suggest the newspaper approach his agents in this regard.

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“I am not dealing with that; I would advise you to speak to Ramos. Accusations cannot be against me because agents are the ones leasing the place on my behalf, not me!

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I am the owner of the place but to talk to the agent, not to me,” Amadhila said.