ML On New Album

I F you follow her on one of her social media accounts, you’ll know that multi-talented singer/songwriter ML has been cooking up new things and 2020 is looking extra bright for her.

Her third music project, due to drop in March, contains stunning visuals for her first single off the album as well, as multiple other projects that she hopes to work on over the course of the year.

Describing it as “the hottest album for the year”, ML is confident that her efforts in the studio have yielded a sound that will blow her fans away. Unlike her previous releases, this album will have a more commercial feel to it, she says, featuring themes around love and dance and more than anything she’s put out before, will celebrate the sounds of Africa.

The lyrics are more English than any other language, in tune with the rising star’s goal of breaking onto the African music scene. She also made sure that the album is Pan-African, featuring collaborations with African stars, like Nigeria’s Og The First on the single, titled ‘Number One’ as well as Angola’s Gurilla, who features on ‘Come Back’.

Both songs are massive bangers to look out for on the album and are a testament to how far ML has come as a musician. A passionate mentor to young entrepreneurs, ML will continue her developmental work in 2020, this time focusing on SME manufacturers and tech startups. She will also lend her assistance and advice in the creative industry, which is dear to her heart.

As to where she sees Namibian music in 2020, she says: “I think we could potentially blow up in Southern Africa. But we have a long way to go. We need more collabos, better promoters and actually international promoters and DJs to start playing our music for us to uplift.”

ML continues to be hopeful for where women in Namibian music will go in the next 12 months. “I think women are taking over this decade. Not only in terms of hit singles and quality music but also money-wise. I see the value of women creatives increasing generally across all sub-creative sectors.”

ML fans should be on the lookout for the new album, which is a continuation of her growth and transformation over the last few years. “The album shows my growth as I craft a truly Namibian rhythmic sound of ShamboPop music. Fans should look out for my new music video dropping this month,” said ML as she prepares to put the finishing touches to her upcoming project.

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