Mozukumwe’s tribal bonfire is misdirected

Dear Editor,

IT is most regrettable that Mozukumwe misdirected an onslaught against President Hage Geingob at the Rundu Town Hall meeting on the basis that the two Kavango regions are being marginalized economically and politically and that Professor Joseph Diescho’s sacking at NIPAM was a continuation of such marginalization.

We are all aware that both Kavango East and West are experiencing development growth problems, same as most of the 14 regions of the country, due to deep-seated development deficiencies which have been inflicted on the majority of previously disadvantaged Namibians by the former apartheid regime and their minority formerly advantaged followers, who to date sit with 90% of the country’s wealth in their hands which they are obstinately refusing to share with their suffering fellow Namibians. This in essence is the cause of tribal tensions and fight for scarce economic resources among the previously disadvantaged Namibians on regional basis.

All major industries including the commercial banks, major tourism establishments, farming and farms in agriculture, the insurance industry, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, and so forth are in the hands of this minority group. When the Government under the leadership of President Geingob in recognition of this historical injustice proposed a 25% shareholding in white owned companies for all workers and Namibians previously and still currently excluded from the economic mainstream, this minority group fought tooth and nail, promising a legal showdown should Government proceed with its plans.

This previously and still advantaged minority group instead started to scapegoat Government as inherently corrupt and swayed the mainstream media, which is under their influence to campaign against the 25% sharing idea.  Because according to them the 25% would have only ended up in the hands of corrupt government officials and not to the common people. Therefore they are holding on to that 25% on behalf of the common people. What a lot of balderdash! But the naïve ones bought into it hook, line and sinker! I always say, that there cannot be a government more corrupt or a corruption more bigger and unforgiveable in Namibia than the grand scale thievery and horrendous killings, murders and economic slavery and subjugation committed by the apartheid colonial government against the majority of Namibians just because they happened to have dark skins. Post independence, the fundamental rights clause in the Constitution whitewashed these crimes against humanity. The proceeds of the mother of all corruptions generated by the colonial apartheid white government is today being enjoyed by the previously and still advantaged people and their kith and kin without any moral guilt. So morally untouched are they, that today, they have the audacity to open their mouths, and preach good governance to us, from whom they stole labor, land, minerals, cattle and even lives, without penance and compensation. Today, they conveniently apportion blame on the apartheid system and government, as if they did not constitute the nucleus thereof.

Against this background, it becomes most unfortunate and regrettable when Mozukumwe in the Kavango East becomes retrogressive and seriously tribally inclined to blame President Geingob and the SWAPO government for the development deficit inflicted over 109 years by the apartheid German and South African colonialists. Instead of standing together with the President and the SWAPO government they start to see themselves as Kavango victims. Meaning victims of the 10% crumbs which the government is receiving in the form of taxes after the previously and currently advantaged white monopoly capitalists have collected their 90% profits of the economy. Are we all as majority black and colored people in all 14 regions collectively not victims of apartheid? Shame on you Mozukmwe brothers and sisters for your self-imposed blindness.

Moreover, it becomes a bigger shame and indictment of the so-called well-propagated intellectualism of Professor Joseph Diescho when he not only instigates against the President these my ill-informed Kavango brothers and sisters who have not had the opportunity due to apartheid to read widely, but also pen a shamefully vitriolic, and base, crude social media letter against the President, if it indeed unbelievably emanated from him.

What is wrong with you my fellow learned brother Professor Diescho? There was once a good relationship between you and the President, and along the way it has gone sour seemingly due to your NIPAM sacking. Now you have decided to embark on a mission of vengeance to use the last bit of your God given breath and energy to break down and character assassinates your President. Goodness, how is that going to help the national fight against underdevelopment and economic emancipation? Will it bring more tap waters to the Kavango regions and the country, will it cause more schools to be built, or help more Namibians to own and run businesses successfully? I advise that you immediately recede from this self-destructive mission of social media character assassination and personal hatred against your President. It is okay, to be the bigger man, and unilaterally let go of the personal pain and bitterness emanating from what you believed to be an injustice committed against you, in terms of a loss of income. Use your well-established academic record to find another job, by spreading your horizons wider. Leave the rumors and vileness to others, as these do not behoove your person and academic stature.  In the interests of the majority downtrodden people of this country concentrate on issues of fairness, justice, and particularly economic liberty for Namibians.  Help us by way of advice to figure out, how to fight and make the laws, the justice system, the banking system and others work for us as still disadvantaged people, and not against us, as is still the case under the heavy yoke of white monopoly capital inspired neoliberalism. I rest my case.

An Economically Awake Citizen