MP redefines spouse

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

SWAPO MP Andreas Amundjindi advocated redefining a spouse as “a person, being one half of a legal union between a genetically born man and a genetically born woman of the opposite sex of that person.”

Amundjindi said this when he contributed to the bill introduced by SWAPO MP Jerry Ekandjo to amend the Marriage Act to define the term spouse in a way consistent with Namibia’s understanding of marriage.

Ekandjo’s motion was triggered by the Supreme Court ruling that ordered Home Affairs to recognise same-sex marriages consummated in other countries.

The bill proposes to outlaw same-sex marriage, as well as the solemnisation and recognition of such marriages within Namibia.

“It’s critical that we adopt a common definition for the term spouse, and thus for the categories of people,” Amundjindi added.

Amundjindi also emphasised the significance of safeguarding Namibia’s cultural values and morals.

According to Amundjindi, the definition of Spouse Bill (B-2023) proposes revising the current definition of spouse as specified in Section 1(b) of the Marriage Amendment Bill (B-2023).

The proposed change by Ekandjo covers several crucial issues, such as the definition of marriage.

“According to the Marriage Act, the amendment clarifies marriage as a legal union exclusively between persons of the opposite sex,” Amundjindi said.

NUDO Chief Whip Peter Kazongominja claimed that God only put Adam and Eve on the planet to breed.

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