Mpora, a futuristic feast for the eyes

By Rosalia David

AS shows continue to get postponed due to the pandemic, YouTube is bursting with more content from musicians than ever, as this is one art form that has truly become ubiquitous.

This week, Rundu-based Afro-pop music trio, Tight Kassie Brothers (TKB)’s music video titled ‘Mpora’ caught my eye.

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The video portrays the life of an ordinary man who is influenced by society to continue being an alcoholic.

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Sure, breakup songs are devastating, but you know what’s even more emotionally scathing, motivational songs. The video starts off with the two TKB artists Sai and Karasa walking in the desert and soon after, stunning visuals of a man walking from a local bar alongside his drunk friends, pop up.

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The video further tells a story of a man who has a family to take care of but alcohol has taken over his life until a point where he eventually decided to look for a job but was turned away upon arrival as he is known ‘for being drunk’.

Mpora music video surely proves to be a real futuristic feast for the eyes.