MPs call for establishment of Genocide museum

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

SWAPO Party Member of Parliament Lucia Witbooi has advocated for the construction of a memorial museum in recognition of the 1904-1908 genocide.

Witbooi made the submission during a parliamentary session which debated on the late Hompa Kandjimi-Hauwanga of VaKwangali’s valiant acts against racist German and Portuguese imperialists.

According to Witbooi, time has come to build a museum commemorating the 1904-1908 Genocide.

“It is time for action and implementation. By establishing the museum, we can bring justice to the 1904-1908 Genocide,” Witbooi added.

“Therefore, let us erect a national genocide museum in memory of the 1904-1908 Genocide. In essence, this monument will serve as a National Monument in accordance with the Namibian Constitution.

“Second, and finally, this Museum should be built in Lüderitz, preferably on Shark Island.”

Shark Island is historically where Nama and Ovaherereo survivors of the genocide were transferred.

“As a result, it is appropriate to honor such a site at Shark Island. Those who survived the atrocities were subjected to research on racial anatomy. A one-year-old Nama girl was among those subjected to such trials.

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