Mr Gay Namibia top finalists announced

• By Rosalia David

MR Gay Namibia beauty pageant communications director Jason-Lee McKay has announced the top 15 finalists who will be taking part in the show slated for October this year.

In an interview with Confidente this week McKay said although the actual date is yet to be announced, the organising team is in full swing to make the competition one of the most talked about events on the local social calendar.

“In an excluded Namibia, we had to create a platform that celebrates our own people. A platform where we can look forward and be proud of our achievements and selecting an ambassador that would be for the people and by the people. Mr Gay Namibia was introduced to fearlessly build interaction between mainstream culture and the contemporary gay scene,” he said.

The pageant further aims to promote equality, tolerance, understanding and an authentic enjoyment of Namibia’s cultural diversity the director said.

The contestants who made it to the top 15 are Daniel Lazarus, Daniel Swartbooi, Wesley Geingob,  Dudley Hoabeb, Oeloff Henning, Chaulken McNab, Stephano De Wee, Antonio Garureb, Mecaver Gawaxab, Denzel Awoseb, Erro Shikesho,  Leon Eiseb, Nathan Basson, Scout Smith and Ethan Van Rooi.

Though the top 15 have been selected, McKay said the team still plans on cutting down the list to Top 10.

With the month in which the event is scheduled to take place drawing closer, he said securing sponsorship continues to be the everlasting challenge.

“We are still trying to get sponsors on board which will determine what the winning prize would be but at this moment we can’t reveal much, but all will be communicated to the public soonest.”

With the contestants taking place coming from different towns across the country, McKay added that gathering all delegates together at one venue is another challenge.

“Sufficient sponsorships from companies due to the nature of our pageant- as it is an event for the LGBTQI people -not many want to associate themselves with that. But we are so grateful to those we have. Any company willing to assist us in any way will always be welcome,” he noted.

Despite financial challenges, this year’s pageant promises to outperform all previous editions while on the night of the event the contestants will be wearing designer outfits, specifically made for them by both local and South African designers.

Excited about the event, contestant Chaulken McNab said he is looking forward to the event as this will be his first time modelling in Namibia.

“I have participated in some fashion shows in Europe during my travels abroad. But never in my own country.  I decided to participate in this to be able to obtain a voice in my country in order to generate change,” he said.