Mr Glo spreading positivity

By Rosalia David

THE man behind most smashing hits in Namibia, producer Mr Glo has released stunning visuals for his single titled ‘Hello’ featuring Dion and ZYX.

Having featured on another single titled ‘Break It’ a month ago, Mr Glo is determined to take his singing career to a whole new level.

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In an interview with Confidente, Mr Glo described his latest song as a motivational track which aims to instill faith throughout the pandemic.

“Hello is an encouragement song intent to inspire through difficult times. In the video there is a giant representing all giants but if we pray, everything is going to be fine and that is why I am telling people to continue smiling,” he said.

He also said that he believes that there will come a day when Covid-19 is a thing of the past and everyone will eventually remove their masks.

The music video was directed by vocalist Dion from PDK while the visuals were shot by new kid on the block, Olavi Nyau.

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Asked on how the reception has been so far, Mr Glo expressed gratitude towards his fans saying that they always tend to surprise him whenever he releases something.

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“The reception was amazing. I actually didn’t know that the song was going to be a big deal.

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I always try to give my best when it comes to music without making a big deal out of anything. However, the responses and reviews are encouraging,” he added.

With the visuals looking flawless, Mr Glo said it could have not been possible without Djun Designs who provided costumes.

Apart from going all out to look different and deliver the best and unique visuals, the music video also shows off Namibia’s beautiful landscapes.

“It was such a long process because our director was very strict, plus we had to drive to other towns to shoot the video.

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We had to drive to Arandis because we wanted to shoot deep in the desert to also show off our country.”

Although he described the shooting process as tiring Mr Glo said it was an experience he would not mind doing again.