MTC and Omaruru up for partner digital innovation

MTC and the Municipality of Omaruru signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today, which aims to create an integrated digital innovation agenda by utilising the synergies between the two institutions.

The MoU identifies and assesses areas of common interest and designs socio-economic smart solutions, contributing to the transformational development of Namibia’s National Development agenda. MTC’s Chief Commercial Officer, Octavious Kahiya, said that the partnership will assist by using and managing information more effectively and enhancing data and access.

“Our collaboration will focus on aligning processes and systems, transforming municipal transaction services, and enhancing a data-driven business. “This will enable us to manage information better and utilise it, leading to improved access and management of data.

Moreover, we are committed to nurturing local digital innovation and solutions, empowering our citizens to drive positive change in their community,” said Kahiya.

Furthermore, the collaboration with the MTC Innovation Centre will also be a component of the cooperation, allowing for sharing of experiences and information. Both parties aim to identify and implement solutions to societal challenges, promoting sustainable growth and modernity by exploring and experimenting with ongoing digital trends,

Additionally, MTC will develop Smart Home Connectivity products for the residents of Omaruru, utilising Smart Meters.

With increased control and knowledge over their utility usage, customers will benefit from these advancements, leading to more environmentally friendly purchasing habits.

Chief Executive Officer of the Omaruru Town Council, Valentinus Sindongo, emphasised that the town is ambitious in incorporating complete digitalisation into its processes and systems. To better serve their community seamlessly with improved competence and agility.

“We want to continue serving our people with efficiency – better service quality delivery for our residents. Hence, we intentionally embrace complete digitalisation as we work to improve how we conduct business. MTC is the digitalisation driver and enabler, and we are confident that this cooperation will yield the desired results,” added Sindongo.