MTC changed netball dynamic-NN president

• By Michael Uugwanga

NETBALL Namibia president, Rebekka //Goagoses says that the three year-sponsorship from MTC has changed the dynamics of netball in the country which has resulted in improved netball standards.

Telecommunications giant, MTC became the principal sponsor of the 12-team national netball league, known as the MTC Namibian Netball Premier League with a cash injection of N.

8 million over three years.

The sponsorship has benefited about 165 players, who all hail from various regions of the country, who were empowered to showcase their talents, however the three-year sponsorship is set to come to an end in the middle of this year,but there is hope MTC and NN will reach an agreement over a new sponsorship package.

The MTC Namibian Netball Premier League is one of the most followed sport in the country as league matches always attract large numbers of spectators.

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The new netball season is expected to start in March after play-offs matches that are scheduled for Windhoek this weekend, which will see winners from the country’s regional lower league champions competing against four relegated teams from last season’s MTC Namibian Netball Premier League.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Confidente this week, //Goagoses said regions from which netball was dormant over the years have managed to revive the sport, thanks to the presence of MTC that has lifted the morals of players in their respective regions.

//Goagoses is hopeful MTC will agree to continue supporting Netball by agreeing to a new sponsorship deal.

“MTC Premiership has changed the dynamic of netball and everyone involved is looking forward to the new season and we received lots of calls and emails from regions where the sport was dormant that they want to be part of the showpiece and they want to start with their regional leagues.

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We have given our sponsors value for their money.

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We are optimistic that our sponsor (MTC) will re-look at our contract and allow us to continue providing that much needed exposure and competition to netballers.