MTC Introduces Revolutionary eSIM Solution for International Travelers

By Martha Nangombe

MTC, Namibia’s premier digital enabler, has released the Electronic Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) solution to improve connectivity for its customers who travel internationally.

This new service marks a watershed moment in Namibia’s telecommunications sector, with MTC becoming the country’s first provider to offer such a solution.

The eSIM technology, which is accessible as a data-only service, promises to transform the way clients stay connected when abroad.

By eliminating the need for physical SIM cards, the eSIM provides travellers with unparalleled convenience and flexibility, allowing them to activate instant connectivity upon arrival at their destination without the hassle of purchasing and swapping SIM cards, enabling online browsing, WhatsApp (and other Apps) calls, and any other data-driven usage for its outbound customers travelling outside the country.

MTC’s Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Elton Katangolo, emphasised the revolutionary power of eSIM technology in international travel.

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He underlined that previous techniques of obtaining local SIM cards upon arrival in other places are now obsolete.

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